This is Future & Beyond

Future & Beyond is an online networking event that will take place in September and will give engineering students the opportunity to prepare for their future professional life.


During the first day, soft skills training will be delivered by the EUROAVIA Training System (ETS). Soft skills are related to your skills related to management, communication, teamwork, and others that are essential in a work environment. In this particular case, the soft skills training will be focused on the preparation for a job interview.

During the second and third days, roundtables with companies from the aerospace industry will be held. All the participating companies will be divided into groups depending on the sector they work in, like aeronautics, space, propulsion, etc. All of them will have the opportunity to present their business, career options, and current open positions and solve any doubts the participants may have.

The last day will be reserved for meetings between companies and students. Participating companies will have the opportunity to have discussions between them, business-to-business (B2B). While for students, there will be business-to-students (B2S) meetings, where the participants will have the opportunity to choose the company they would like to know more in deep and have discussions about possible opportunities inside their company.

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